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2018 President New Year Greetings

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Run through the 100th anniversary with history and pride in mind
Happy New Year to everyone in the Sankyu Group. At the beginning of 2018, I would like to express my belief as president and make a New Year’s greeting.

Year to celebrate the 100th anniversary

 This year marks the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Sankyu Transport Co., Ltd. in 1918. It is said that the average life expectancy of a general company is about 30 years, and while less than 2% of companies exceed 100 years, Sankyu is about to become one of them.
I’m not very happy with my birthday anymore, but when I was a kid I was excited to celebrate my birthday. As Sankyu celebrates his 100th birthday this year, he is just as excited as he was when he was a kid. This is because, unlike the limited life span of human beings, it seems that Sankyu will grow further and a brighter future awaits. And above all, I think that I can feel that because I am surrounded by many friends who support the company.

 Sankyu is proud to have supported major industries in Japan and around the world for the last 100 years. And, as stated in our management philosophy, we have contributed to the improvement of employees’ lives and the development of society through the development of our business. It is the result of each and every one of you working hard every day, and I am very proud of it. Let’s celebrate our 100th anniversary with history and pride, and let’s run through the bright future ahead of us.

The strength of Sankyu

 So why has Sankyu continued for 100 years? That is because there was the power of “people” as we advocated the corporate philosophy of “valuing people”. “People” are Sankyu’s greatest asset. First of all, I would like to thank everyone. From the time of establishment to the present, all employees in Japan and overseas, the families who have supported it, the affiliated companies and cooperating companies who have had a hard time, and all the other related parties. thank you very much.

 And, the reason why Sankyu has overcome various difficulties so far is that the people there have acquired “change responsiveness”. 100 years ago, we started the history of logistics from the cargo handling work and premises work of Yahata Steel Works and Tokuyama Fuel Factory. We have expanded our business to the world. It is easy to imagine that there were many difficulties in the process of surviving the turbulent times from prewar to postwar. However, as many of the difficulties we have faced, we have accumulated knowledge and know-how, and have acquired the “change responsiveness” that can respond to any changes in the world or changes in our customers.

 And don’t forget, thank you to the customers who continued to choose Sankyu. We are one step ahead of other companies in responding to changes in our customers because we are always close to them, which is our greatest strength. It is our strength to think and make proposals by our customers to meet their needs, and our customers’ needs are our food.

 While continuing to respond to customers, the “quality” that is our weapon has been refined. The quality of Sankyu is firstly “safety”, reliable “technology and know-how” backed by experience, and “skills” cultivated over many years.

 Sankyu is now expanding its field to the world, but in addition to its “change responsiveness” and its “quality,” the attitude of asking and improving by asking oneself from the customer’s point of view, and the feeling of continuing to search for better services with gratitude. It is the DNA that has been incorporated into us, and it will continue to be the same and will be passed down from generation to generation. I would like everyone in the field to be confident in the strength of Sankyu, which has been cultivated over a long history, to further refine it, and to pass it on to the next generation.

Aiming to be the world’s No. 1 outsourcer

 Sankyu is still in the process of growth. Last year’s performance and the first half of this year’s performance have reached record highs, and we are grateful for your efforts.

 However, I feel that the world in the future will be in an era where the speed of change will be faster than it has been in the past 100 years, and the past 10 years will move in one year. Dramatic changes may occur that will change the conventional wisdom.
That doesn’t mean that what we have to do will change suddenly from this year, but as we celebrate our 100th anniversary, I would like to talk about our future attitude in the long run.

 A social problem that will surely come from now on is the decrease in the labor force in Japan. This is a very big problem for a company that “values ​​people” and our company that provides services created by people. However, this is not only a problem for Sankyu, but also a problem for customers at the same time. Instead of seeing this as a pinch, see it as an opportunity for us, who have responded to the working environment of our customers by outsourcing, to make various proposals.

 How can we solve the problems faced by our customers by incorporating various latest technologies that exist in the world into our technologies, skills, and know-how, such as efficiency, labor saving, mechanization, robotization, and IT. Perhaps, if we all share our wisdom and make proposals, we will have even greater opportunities.
In addition, the means for accumulating, sharing, and deploying technologies scattered around the world, disaster and risk avoidance methods, and successful cases of each business should evolve further in the future. As the speed of change in the world increases, we must be conscious of increasing the speed of responding to change.

 While the population is declining in developed countries such as Japan, the population will increase explosively in the future when looking at developing countries around the world. The Sankyu Group, which has offices around the world, needs to seriously consider how to utilize the labor force globally while complying with the laws and regulations of Japan and other countries. In the future, it will be an era in which people raised overseas will play an active role in Japan, and people from overseas will be raised and sent back in Japan.

 The problem of “people” is a big issue for us. However, because we have fostered a culture that values ​​people, we are in an era where we can demonstrate our strengths, and I believe that we can truly aim to become the world’s No. 1 outsourcer.

 Even if we are in an era of shortage of people, our corporate philosophy of “valuing people” will not change. We will continue to focus on recruiting and educating people.

 In the medium-term management plan, we are planning to rebuild the dormitory and make capital investment to enhance educational facilities including overseas. Above all, the Hirado Renseikan accommodation building will be completed in March of this year to coincide with the 100th anniversary of its founding. It contains a message as a symbol of recruitment and education. The company wants its employees to grow in the long run by hiring people and focusing on education. I also want educated people to realize that they can grow by staying at this company. Through education, mutual trust will be created between the company and its employees, and we should grow into a stronger company.

 And, “safety” is the most necessary relationship of mutual trust in the workplace. As always, there is no safe place in Sankyu’s workplace, and it is always next to danger. In order to eliminate disasters, we communicate with customers, affiliated companies, and cooperating companies, not only within the same company, but with a strong desire to never send out victims from colleagues we work with. please give me. If you think it is dangerous, even if you are a senior, you can say “dangerous!”, And even the seniors who are told can accept it, please aim to create a workplace with such a strong relationship of trust.

 At the beginning, I said that Sankyu will turn 100 years old, but just like in human life, if you look back, you will feel it in a blink of an eye, and if you look ahead, you will feel far away. I have no idea what the next 100 years will be, but when the employees look back 100 years later, we will take a strong step in a straightforward manner so that we can be proud of the history of the company as we are now. Let’s make a new history.


 Last but not least, the three words of the three principles of the company motto, which were the words that the founder Seishiro Nakamura cherished, never faded even now 100 years later, and from our hearts. It has become a point. The three principles of the company motto that you always sing in the workplace, but on New Year’s Day, which marks the 100th anniversary, I would like to sing along with you today.

Then, please sing.

One, public statement execution.
One, self-questioning.
One, thank you.

Safe for the whole year and today!

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