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Bonded warehouse

Bonded Logistics provides specialized logistics services and bonded logistics solutions such as bonded warehouse storage, import / export agency, import / export customs clearance and various types of land transportation, sea freight FCL, and air transportation. Waigaoqiao Logistics Park and Waigaoqiao Bonded Zone have District-port linkage special operations to take advantage of the bonded area and enjoy special policies within the area.

Bonded business

Description of Bonded business operation contents

Logistics business example:Bonded Zone, Bonded Logistics Park Warehouse Storage, Simple Processing of Packaging Labels, Bonded Zone Park, Customs Clearance, Domestic Transportation, Supervised Transportation, Shipping Reservation for Marine Airmail, Equipment Handling, Packing, Container Banning and Divaning, etc.

Example of agency work:Trade agency, certificate of origin procedure, test and inspection report agency, food and cosmetics business, etc.

Consulting business example:Bonded Zone, Logistics Park Trade, Customs, Tax Affairs, etc. Policy Consulting.

Features of Bonded business

Bonded warehouse storage:Domestic goods entering the bonded area are considered to be exports, but foreign goods entering the bonded area can be stored in bonded area, and the warehouse storage company in the bonded area should carry out value-added operations such as simple processing of cargo and changing packaging and packaging. I can.

Transit cargo:Freight in the bonded area can be relayed internationally by companies in the area.

Export tax refund:Export customs clearance of cargo in the bonded area is subject to the preferential policy of export value-added tax refund after entering the bonded area.

Deemed import / export transactions:Due to the Bonded Zone Foreign Currency Control Law, even if the transaction does not match the distribution and commercial distribution, it is possible to carry out relay trade as a deemed import / export transaction.

We also have a team of plant engineering in maritime and aviation international logistics and bonded logistics operations, and our expert staff provide comprehensive one-stop logistics solutions.

Bonded business division work structure

Bonded warehouse introduction

Bonded area warehouse

Location: Warehouse No. 58, No. 180, Riying North Road, Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Shanghai
Area: 8500㎡
Equipment: 2.5t forklift x3, hydraulic car x4

Bonded logistics park warehouse

location: Floor 2, Warehouse A, KD1-1A, Shenli Road, Waigaoqiao Bonded Logistics Park, Shanghai
Area: 4291.67㎡
Equipment: 2.5t forklift x1, 3t forklift x1, hydraulic vehicle x4, lift platform x3

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