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Basic Philosophy

Behavioral Guidelines

First; Proclaim and execute them ( 公言実行 )
It means that you should do Set your goals high, make them public, and do your utmost to achieve them to you.

First; Self-questioning ( 自問自答 )
It means that Always think about things from the other person’s point of view.
Then you will not be alone and you will be able to see the right thing.

First; Thank You ( 感謝 )
It means that you do not forget to always thank the various people around you.
It is also the origin of our company name.


Quality Policy

Set quality standards with safety, accuracy, and speed in mind
Achieve the highest customer satisfaction with peace of mind and trust

Quality Goal

Aiming to become a global logistics company, we have set the following indicators as short-term goals:
a. Customer satisfaction: 95.0%
b. Cargo undamaged rate: 99.7%

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