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about Shanghai Sales Office
The transportation department of the Shanghai Sales Office of the Domestic Logistics Division has more than 40 in-house vehicles and more than 50 drivers. The transportation area is from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai to the whole country, and from all over the country to each base, both of which can transport various cargo (both general cargo and dangerous goods). As a means of transportation, we can handle various means such as general trucks, trailers, railroads, domestic ships, and tank trucks. In addition, we also offer various delivery methods such as door-to-door transportation, cargo handling, delivery to the upper floors, delivery to supermarkets, cargo packaging, and hand-held delivery.
The management team of the Shanghai sales office has a wealth of experience and has solved various problems in the past. With abundant vehicle resources, we support various needs such as cost reduction, improvement planning, improvement of operational efficiency, and joint development. In addition, the safety and quality control team is continuously working to improve operational efficiency, such as preventing accidents and reducing mistake costs.

Shanghai Sales Office


Phone: 021-5848-2086

Email: zhouliangjun@etsankyu.com

Center Manager: Zhou Liangjun

Employees: Japanese: 1/Local employee: 84

Location: No. 539, Gaodong Town, Gaodong Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai [Baidu MAP]

Equipment: By providing EDI data, the dedicated TMS transportation and delivery management system enables seamless inter-business cooperation, and can track the location and status of cargo in real time and provide it to customers. The company’s own vehicle is equipped with a dual system of Hokuto and GPS, so it can always accurately track the position and condition of the vehicle. In addition, VIP customers can propose and provide “truck advertisements” using the space on the side of their own trucks, and can use transport trucks as an advertising medium for advertising and advertising.

Business Scope: Domestic shipping business
We mainly carry out truck transportation, rail transportation, and coastal vessel transportation from Shanghai and its surrounding eastern China to provinces, cities, and wards all over the country (dangerous goods-related work is also possible). We provide a variety of businesses, but in particular, we are helping to reduce domestic logistics costs by optimizing domestic transportation routes by making use of our unique know-how.


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