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Medical Equipment

Division overview
The medical device warehouse of Shanghai Economic and Trade Shanjiu Storage and Transportation Co., Ltd. is located in Area A and B on the 1st floor of Building 1, No. 539, Gaoxiang Ring Road, Gaodong Town, Pudong New District, Shanghai, and Room 302 on the 2nd floor. Business scope: It is the registrant, filing and filing company of medical devices. Operating enterprises provide transportation and storage services (excluding refrigeration and freezing).
The medical device warehouse has a storage area of 5,940 square meters. It has an independently developed third-party logistics WMS warehousing management system for medical devices, which implements modern management of the incoming, outgoing, and inventory of goods. The warehouse carries out temperature and humidity control, pest prevention and control management, a 24-hour monitoring system with full coverage and no blind spots, and is equipped with sufficient transportation vehicles to be responsible for distribution services. It uses a GPS information management system to track and locate the logistics situation. In addition, the service staff have rich industry experience to ensure that we provide customers with the best quality services.
In January 2019, the company obtained a medical device business license.
The company knows that the safety of warehousing and logistics services is above all else, so from the beginning, it has attached great importance to the control of quality, environment, and safety, and all employees have signed quality and safety responsibility letters.
The company always regards service quality as corporate life and corporate management as corporate wealth. We adhere to the tenet of being customer-oriented in everything and are willing to share resources and work closely with customers at home and abroad to create brilliance together.

Warehouse basic information

Established: 2018

Phone: 021-5848-2608

Email: wangyang@etsankyu.com

Center Manager: Wang Yang

Sales Department: Wang xuefang Deputy Director

Sales Department Phone: 021-6586-1290

Sales Department Email: wangxf@etsankyu.com

Employees: Japanese: 2/Local employee: 63

Location: No. 539, Hongxiang Ring Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, 1st Floor, 1st Floor, A, B Ward [Baidu MAP]

Equipment: Warehouse area-30,000㎡ (Medical equipment warehouse 5,940㎡); Building style-Medical equipment warehouse 1st floor; Floor load capacity-1F: 2.5Ton / ㎡ 2F: 1.5Ton / ㎡; Effective height under the beam-1F: 7.5m 2F: 5.5m; Rack equipment-General rack; Electric forklift (1.5t-2.5t) x 3 units; Lift gate x 28 units.

Business Model:Provide storage and distribution for other production and operation enterprises

Business Scope: Providing transportation and storage services (excluding refrigeration and freezing) to medical device registrants, filers and operating companies


Third-party logistics service for medical equipment

Service overview

• We have abundant experience and achievements as a comprehensive logistics company in China. We also provide warehousing, transportation, and international comprehensive logistics services due to the superiority of our network of bases scattered throughout the region.
• Our registered warehouse is located in Sototakahashi Minato Ward, Logistics Park, Bonded Zone (within 15 minutes) near Shanghai, making it very suitable for import and export operations.
• Medical device third-party logistics services have obtained Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 qualifications. (Excluding in vitro reagents, freezing and refrigeration)
• Logistics systems with GS1 based UDI codes can connect to customs EDI data.
(The first Japanese company in China to support UDI code management)
• Own your own truck.
• Equipped with monitoring system, equipment, logistics operation equipment (forklift, etc.), temperature and humidity control, etc.

Medical device business license

Organization chart of the medical device business

Shanghai Shanjiu Medical Devices Third-Party Logistics Service Advantages

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