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Global Sea Logistics

As a business operator with excellent cargo security and compliance, we have obtained AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certification for the purpose of import / export related business of international sea cargo!

In international sea logistics, in our import / export business, we take into consideration the superiority of the logistics route to the delivery destination and the business ability at each base, including land transportation before and after the trading port, packing and packing, and customs clearance agency business. You can customize the solution to suit your needs. In other words, we can propose and support consistent logistics services, and in addition, we can flexibly handle transportation sizes from small lots to container transportation.

In addition, we have a non-ship operation business, customs clearance / agency business, mixed loading service, and international air cargo sales agency license (first-class freight forwarding agency license) Thereby The customs clearance of Shanghai Wu Shu Customs Clearance and Shanghai Songjiang Customs Clearance has a resident agency, which can directly enter the commercial inspection application in advance through “Customs EDI” and “Jiu cheng electronic declaration system”.

In this way, by linking with overseas KEF systems and providing one-stop services to customers, the intermediate margin is reduced. We are increasing our market competitiveness by saving our customers’ costs and making them cost-effective.

Introduction of Sea Logistics Export Division

Structure of work – export div.

Introduction to the work site – export div.

Description of work – export div.

•It mainly operates routes to Japan, Southeast Asia, and South America, and with the improvement of the network in emerging economies, it has also developed routes to South Asia and the Middle East, etc., and currently covers all routes. In addition, due to our good partnership with shipping companies, we provide services at more reasonable operating rates and contract terms than usual.

•With Sankyu’s global network around the world, we are familiar with overseas agents such as Japan, Southeast Asia, South America, South Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, and we can arrange delivery from ports in each country to delivery destinations in the inland area.

•Various cargo can be handled: Home appliances, various electronic parts, automobile parts, parts supply to production lines, textiles and clothing, etc.

•We have a specialized customs clearance team. It is an AA customs clearance company approved by the General Customs Office.

Features of Work introduction

•Support for Buyers consolidation
•Special containers, transportation equipment, handling of large volumes of small-lot consolidation, etc.
•Correspondence of first-in first-out logistics service of ISO tank container
•Correspondence of temporary measures in temporary import / re-import / export logistics
•Correspondence of insurance service in logistics

Features of Business

•Buyers consolidation(Purchase logistics):Collecting cargo from multiple exporters (vendors / suppliers) at the export location for a specific importer and packing it into a container dedicated to the importer. Compared to individual transportation, cost reduction (transportation cost is significantly reduced) and quick delivery are possible. In addition, efficient transportation can be realized by reducing inventory and warehousing operations.

• Special containers, machinery and equipment, large bulk cargo business: The Plant Engineering Department, which has specialized technology in operation and packaging, has abundant operational experience in large mechanical cargo to ensure safe and rational large cargo. We provide export solutions to our customers.

• ISO TANK container first-in, last-out logistics business: After declaring the import of an empty container of a customer-owned container (SOC), it is filled with liquid and then exported by sea.

• First-in, last-in, return-to-box operations during import / export: Reuse resources and reduce costs by circulating packaging boxes and containers.

• Insurance business agency: There is no additional charge.

Introduction of Sea Logistics Import Division

Structure of work – import div.

Introduction to the work site – import div.

Description of work – import div.

•We provide import agency business for FCL and LCL sea freight transportation from all over the world, monitor the position and movement of freight through Japan’s Sankyu Global Network KEF system, and realize safe and smooth delivery to the destination. At the same time, our import and distribution business can provide economical and convenient services to small customers.

• We provide a series of services such as D / O (Delivery Order Delivery Instructions) for imported cargo, customs clearance, customs clearance, customs clearance, reporting, animal and plant quarantine, wharf requisition, and insurance agency.

•It tracks the current location of imported cargo and delivers delivery status to domestic consignees and shippers.

•We provide consulting and certificate agency services for various import operations.

•We comprehensively provide logistics planning and related agency services for cargo via special supervised and controlled areas such as bonded areas, distribution areas, and export processing areas.

•As a company that has acquired Customs AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certification, import and export customs are smooth and the customs team is perfect.

Features of work introduction

• In-house imported distribution (LCL) cargo management business
• Large-scale work when importing machinery and equipment
• Medical product (medical equipment) import business
• Various import license procedure agency business

Features of work

• In-house imported distribution (LCL) freight is primarily characterized by accurate, fast delivery and low logistics cost setting. In addition, we are continuously improving and optimizing our distribution monitoring, tracking and search systems, and we are currently establishing a leading position in customer satisfaction in the distribution industry.

• As a feature of shipping imports, we have abundant experience in handling large machinery and equipment such as plant equipment. For example, we handle everything from transportation in special containers to installation of equipment, demonstrating our capabilities in both on-site work and transportation. We provide safe, accurate and prompt professional work.

• As a new initiative, we acquired medical product warehouse storage qualities in the first half of 2019, and in the latter half of 2019, we acquired customs clearance services for imported medical products (medical equipment) by sea and started services. The growth and accumulation of various aspects of operational experience over the last two years has enabled us to provide safer, faster and more delicate professional services.

• Customers who are new to import operations are unfamiliar with customs and merchandise inspection procedures. We provide high quality freight transport service (freight forwarder), and at the same time, we provide various permit agency services based on our abundant professional experience.

Sea Logistics Import, Eexport Personnel and Contact Information

Department Person in charge Contact Method Business in charge
Shipping Department Sheng Junfu 86-21-65861554 Shipping Manager
Shipping Export Department Yan Lan 021-65861428 yanlan@etsankyu.com Shipping export Manager
Shipping Import Department Yan Jianzhong 021-65862109 yanjianzhong@etsankyu.com Shipping import Manager
Bonded Business Department Gao Liming 021-65861374 lmgao@etsankyu.com Bonded business Manager
Bonded Business Department Chen Tong 021-38751509/1512/1645/1646 chentong@etsankyu.com Bonded business Manager

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