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Production Logistics

We provide comprehensive on-site logistics solutions with the ability to plan and propose production logistics. Utilizing the many years of experience cultivated at Yamaku Co., Ltd. in Japan, the entire process of logistics operations, from production line operation, process, material management, on-site warehouse management, to raw material input, parts supply, finished product filling, and packaging. We provide production and logistics services that cover.

Production logistics flow chart​

Raw material acceptance: Unloading and warehousing of various raw materials including dangerous goods
Raw material storage: Shipping work and inventory management of various raw materials
Raw material input: Various raw material input work including dangerous materials
Filling and packaging: Packaging line operation management, finished product filling / packaging and sampling work

Transportation of finished products: Transportation of raw materials, materials, finished products, etc.
Finished goods storage: Product shipping and warehousing work and inventory management
Finished Goods Shipment: Packing, Shipping, and Container Loading of Finished Goods
Transportation: Delivery Transportation work

Inquiries about the business

Person in charge Contact Method
TAGUCHI Masaaki 021-65862241 taguchi@etsankyu.com
Du Wei 021-65862241 duwei@etsankyu.com
Shen Juquan 021-65862241 shenjuquan@etsankyu.com

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