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China Domestic Warehouse – Medical Equipment

about Logistics Center Division of Medical Equipment
We have our own warehouses in Shanghai, Jiangsu Province (Suzhou, Wuxi, Nanjing) and Wuhan, and third party warehouses in Zhangjiagang, Nantong, Taicang, Ningbo and Hangzhou. The total area of these domestic warehouse storage centers is approximately 116,4581㎡.

It also has three large general trade warehouse areas in downtown Shanghai. One is the Pudong Logistics Center in Minato Ward, Gaodong Town, Pudong New District: 30,000㎡. Next, the Puxi Logistics Center on the labor route in Jiading District: 30,864㎡. And Matsue Warehouse in Songjiang District, Songjiang District: 8,344 square meters.
Domestic warehousing is a warehousing service that integrates warehousing, packing processing, product sorting / distribution, and equipment packing. We provide goods and cargo storage services to all types of customers.

Due to the nature of the storage location, it is divided into general warehouses (7 locations) and bonded warehouses (3 locations). In addition, each base is equipped with a global NEW-SAN CS inventory management system originally developed by the Japanese head office, allowing customers to use various logistics processing and other incidental services without stress.

Major customers in the immediate future: Well-known companies such as Yamaha, Matsushita, TOTO, DuPont, and Bridgestone.

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